Workout Creator

You can also use the 1000 or so exercises to create your individualized workout and adapt this to your training level (sets, reps or time, weight). Use the navigation item “My Training” to go to the workout creator. Select “Create Workout”.  You can of course also pre-filter these exercises and then add them to your workout by clicking on the plus symbol. All that’s left to do is to enter the workout name, choose your training intensity and start the training!
Alternatively, from the detailed view, you can add an individual exercise to an existing workout or create a new one (pen).

Of course you can also create your individualized workouts based on the existing 500 workouts. Simply follow the Edit button (pen) in the workout and jump straight into the creator from there. In the next step, you can easily delete and add individual exercises or add their training values (sets, reps or time, breaks).

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